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About Area Rugs

Area rugs transform rooms in seconds! Use one in your living room to create an eye-pleasing focal point that complements your furniture and window treatments. Or, place one on top of your hardwood flooring in high-traffic areas to add some extra protection.

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Designing With Area Rugs

An area rug can brighten up a room or to add an artistic finishing touch to your space. By layering an area rug on top of hardwood or laminate floors, you can create a more finished and inviting look. As an added bonus, the area rug will protect your hardwood floors from any damage that may be caused by heavy foot traffic. An area rug is also perfect for adding added warmth to a tiled room. The possibilities are endless!

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Area Rug Pads

No more tripping, slipping or bunching under your feet! Rug pads prevent all of that and keep your rug in top shape. Rug pads are also ideal for protecting your wooden floors against scratches and scuff marks. We offer a wide variety of anti-slip rug pads in various shapes and sizes to match any rug in our store.

Find out more about our anti-slip rug pads.

Rug Care & Maintenance Tips

The great thing about area rugs is that they are a breeze to clean. With the correct cleaning products and tools, you can ensure that your rugs last a very long time. We have all the stain removal secrets and cleaning techniques you need to know in our area rug care and maintenance guide.

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